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Employment Opportunities


Positions filled by our highly trained staff include:

  • Certified Veterinary Technician – Certified Veterinary Technicians (CVT) are a vital part of our healthcare team. As highly trained and educated staff members, we rely on them to take care of our critically ill hospitalized patients and assist our doctors in surgery. Our CVTs need to have the desire to improve all of our patients’ quality of life and the desire to follow up and keep in touch with their patients. In addition, they provide direction and leadership to our veterinary assistant and kennel staff. All of our CVTs are currently in the process of maintaining the very strict, high standards mandated by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).

  • Receptionist/Customer Service Representative – Our receptionists do much more than answer our multiple line telephone system. They are trained with the knowledge that enables them to properly answer telephone questions and triage pets that come to our hospital for treatment. They are also trained in preventative veterinary care. Our Best Friends receptionists must additionally be well versed in husbandry.
    Our hospital utilizes veterinary specific database software to process our appointments, create medical records, print client educational information, process invoices for clients and to complete many other necessary tasks.
    Our receptionists must also have exceptional people skills. When clients enter our facility, they are often nervous or upset about their pet’s medical condition. The receptionist must have the ability to put the client at ease, gain his or her trust and help the client understand the pet’s health condition. Speaking with the client about a pet’s medical condition and discussing financial issues with the client is a big part of the receptionist’s job responsibilities.
  • Veterinary Assistant – Our assistants spend much of their day assisting the CVTs and doctors with various tasks, but there is so much more to the job. Our veterinary assistant staff is highly trained to perform both technical and non-technical work for the doctors; giving the doctor’s more time to spend with the clients. Assistants are responsible for speaking with the clients about preventative care testing, drawing up vaccinations and obtaining blood, urine and stool samples from the patients. They speak to our clients about wellness care, obedience training and any other issues that the client may have concerns about. They are also trained to handle any emergency situation from a trauma situation like a pet that has been hit by a car, to an ill pet that needs diagnostic testing. Training is provided so that our assistant staff is proficient in nutritional care, nursing, pharmacy, radiology, surgical assisting and much more.
  • Kennel Staff – We offer this position for students 16 and over who are interested in veterinary medicine and want to be team members in a high quality veterinary practice. This job consists primarily of cleaning, stocking and performing other hospital maintenance, so being organized and wanting the hospital to look its best is very important. Their position is also having individual attention to each of the boarding patients; walking, feeding and cleaning their kennels. Assisting the CVTs and Veterinary Assistants in holding patients and more, is another part of their job position.

Schedule – We are open every morning at 7 a.m., and we close Monday through Friday at 6 p.m. On Saturdays, we are open from 7 a.m. until 12 p.m. Your hours may range day to day, equalling a 40 hour work week.

Before you apply - Please realize that only those who are truly committed to learning will succeed at Best Friends Animal Hospital. You must be a fast learner, a multi-tasker and you must have the customer service skills to take superb care of our clients as well as our patients. You must be able to attend to detail and handle an extremely fast-paced work environment.

What is the next step? - If you are interested in applying for employment with Best Friends Animal Hospital, bring this completed form below to our office. You will receive a short phone interview and a scheduled time to come in for a tour and more in depth interview. Be sure to bring either a copy of your current résumé or the names and telephone numbers of your references. We do not call personal references, so past employers or managers are preferred.

Please, download, print and fill out the application before you arrive to save time.

Download our Employment Application

We look forward to seeing you and reviewing your application, and we appreciate your interest in our practice.

Tina Lynn
Practice Manager