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Puppy Veterinary Care at Best Friends Animal Hospital

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Congratulations on your new puppy!  We Just Love Those Little Balls of Puppy Fur!

Your puppy will be so happy to meet all of us at Best Friends Animal Hospital because we love puppies!  We are eager to assist you with getting your puppy started on their journey to a healthy, long life.  Our veterinarian has many years of experience guiding new puppy owners through the puppy stage.  We enjoy all the fun and excitement a new puppy brings! 

It is important to have your new puppy examined by us as soon as possible to make sure your puppy is healthy and to vaccinate your puppy against serious, preventable diseases.  We will make sure your puppy gets a good start to a healthy life through comprehensive puppy exams, vaccinations, parasite protection, and nutrition and exercise advice.

Your Puppy’s First Wellness Exam

This first puppy visit includes a thorough physical exam and allows us to establish an individualized wellness plan for your puppy going forward and includes the following beneficial components:

  • Comprehensive physical exam. 
  • Intestinal parasite screening
  • Intestinal parasite worming (if needed)
  • Development of a vaccination program based on your puppy’s lifestyle and exposure risk
  • Necessary vaccines or vaccine boosters
  • Heartworm preventative recommendations
  • Recommendations for flea and tick prevention
  • Behavior and housetraining recommendations
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Exercise and behavior guidance
  • Pet insurance recommendations

For your first puppy visit, we request that you bring your puppy, a fresh stool sample (less than 12 hours old) and all paperwork pertaining to the previous care of your puppy including all previous immunizations, deworming, medications and any veterinary records you may have.  You may email these records to us as well.  Also, be sure to ask us any questions you may have regarding your puppy’s health or behavior.

Your puppy’s first wellness exam will set the foundation for your puppy’s long term health and establish a long-term beneficial health record.  It also allows us to monitor any medical or behavioral conditions for your puppy. 

Please call us today to schedule your puppy’s wellness exam.