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At Best Friends Animal Hospital, our personalized veterinary care is designed to provide comprehensive long-term, life-stage veterinary care for each pet, from youngster through their senior years.   We are advocates of wellness health care, and good diagnostic care.  During your pet’s appointment, we schedule enough time for you to bring any questions or concerns you have; we know how important it is to have peace of mind over your pet’s health.

Our veterinary services include:

  • Specialized care for your young pet, including wellness exams, vaccines and vaccine boosters, nutritional counseling and behavior counseling
  • Wellness care for your adult pet designed to maintain your pet’s good health
  • Specialized care for your senior pet, including bi-annual wellness exams, to detect changing health conditions early
  • Professional dental care to keep your pet’s teeth clean and free of disease-causing plaque
  • Superior surgical care, anesthesia monitoring, post-surgical care and pain management
  • Diagnostic equipment should our veterinarian need additional information to diagnose your pet’s illness
  • Diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions, allergies and ear infections
  • General medicine services and a collaborative approach to diagnosing and managing chronic diseases such as diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, kidney and liver disorders
  • Dermatology care for conditions such as allergies and chronic ear infections
  • Prescription foods for medical conditions
  • Microchipping so your pet can return home if he or she is ever lost

For your convenience, 'drop-off' appointments are available if you are unable to schedule a regular appointment. Usually we ask you to bring your pet in the morning but we will arrange a schedule that is most convenient for you.   When you arrive at the hospital, a veterinary technician will go over your concerns and ask pertinent medical questions, including vaccination history. Please allow time for this discussion when you drop off your pet.  Please bring a stool sample if requested. When we have completed our examination, we will call you to go over the diagnosis and discharge instructions.