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Best Friends Animal Hospital is pleased to provide this resource section for our clients.  If you are new to us, you will find our New Client Form under this heading, as well as pet-related links and articles, and access to the Veterinary Partner Library.  You will also find our dental before and after photos and our pet of the month!

The FAQs page contains answers to commonly asked questions such as, “Why does my dog need an annual heartworm blood test?” and “Is anesthesia safe for my pet?”.   If there is a topic of interest to you that is not covered or if you have any additional questions about a topic that is covered, please give us a call; we are here to answer any questions you may have.

Our Educational Links page contains links to internet resources such as the ASPCA Poison control Center,  The American Heartworm Society and the Companion Animal Parasite Council.  It also contains a link to the Veterinary Information Network database of pet health articles written by veterinarians.

Our Payment Options page gives you payment options for the cost of health care for your beloved pet.

Join the fun by visiting our News & Events Page or uploading a picture of your precious pet to our Pet Gallery! And please call us with any questions or concerns, or to schedule an appointment with our veterinary team.