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Educational Links at Best Friends Animal Hospital

Resources - Educational Links

We are pleased to offer you a page with links that can help you answer some questions or concerns you many have regarding your pet’s health and behavior. Please browse through the following pages to find the answers you’re looking for! If there is a topic of interest that is not include, please give us a call.

ASPCA Poison Control--If your pet may have ingested something toxic like human or veterinary medicine, rat poison, chocolate, etc, you need to seek veterinary help. The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center can tell you how to proceed. They are staffed by toxicologists 24 hours per day, year-round. You need to know your pet's approximate weight, when the toxin was ingested and in what amount. Please keep the packaging nearby so that the toxic dose for your pet can be calculated. ASPCA may charge your credit card $65 for the consultation which will guide any veterinary care and follow-up that is necessary.

CareCredit, medical health care credit card

Pet Health Insurance Providers—An Overview Pet insurance providers

Helpful tips about traveling with your pet

Very helpful general and specific articles published by the Veterinary Information Network

The Indoor Pet Initiative is a site that promotes the mental well-being of cats and dogs that are primarily kept indoors.

American Association of Feline Practitioners, Cat Friendly Practice. 

Information regarding heartworm and your pet American Heartworm Society.

Parasites and your pets - Companion Animal Parasite Council.

End of Life Guidance published by the ASPCA.

The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement has particularly good information about children and pet loss.

Veterinary Associations

American Veterinary Medical Association